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Supplementary Readings

Revelatory Ethics

A Study of the Impact of Culture on Tax Compliance in China,” Danny Ho, International Tax Journal, 2013

Joel Osteen is the Quintessential Religious Figure of the Trump Era,” Sarah Posner, Rolling Stone, 2017

Taxing the Rich to Help the Poor? Here’s What the Bible Says,” Mathew Schmalz, The Conversation, 2017

Exam #1 Article: “Here’s Why People Hate Joel Osteen,” Kate Bowler, The Washington Post, 2017


Modern Social Contract Theory,” The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, N.D.

Exam #2 Article: “Payback for a Facebook Tax Refugee,” Los Angeles Times, 2012

Three Views on the Ethics of Tax Evasion,” Robert W. McGee, Journal of Business Ethics, 2006 (Jstor, login required)

Virtue Ethics

Multinational Tax Avoidance: Virtue Ethics and the Role of Accountants,” Andrew West, Journal of Business Ethics, 2016

Senators Unveil ‘Ex-Patriot Act’ for Tax Dodgers,” United Press International, 2012

“The Reading Selection from ‘The Ring of Gyges,’ by Plato,” Reading For Philosophical Inquiry: A Brief Introduction, Lee Archie & John G. Archie, 2004

Why the Ex-Patriot Act is a Creepy Law,The Atlantic Monthly


Gender and Public Attitudes Toward Corruption and Tax Evasion,” Political Science, Benno Torgler, 2006

Breaking Down the Gender Wage Gap, Women’s Bureau, U.S. Department of Labor, 2019

Why Women Should Pay Less Tax,” Alberto Alesina and Andrea Ichino, Financial Times, 2007

The Separate Spheres Model of Gendered Inequality,” Plos One, Andrea Miller & Eugene Borgida, 2016


Bonner Curriculum: Deconstructing Racism

Business Ethics

Double Irish Arrangement,” Wikipedia

Former Commerce Chief Pritzker Shifted Assets to Kids’ Trust, Paradise Papers Show,” Katherine Skiba, Chicago Tribune, 2017

Offshore Financial Centers in Global Capital Flow,” Zoriana Lutsyshn & Elnur Mekhtiiev, International Economic Policy, 2017 (DOAJ, need CSUM library access)

The Social Responsibility of Business is to Increase its Profits,” Milton Friedman, New York Times Magazine, 1970


Robots are Being Used to Deter Homeless People From Setting up Camp in San Francisco,” Melia Robinson, Business Insider, 2017

Twenty Years After Seattle, Is There a New Race to the Bottom?” Bama Athrea, Common Dreams, 2019

What Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Exposed about Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook Heading into 2020,” Ryan Bort, Rolling Stone, 2019

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