EGL 220: Critical Thinking, Fall 2021

Jan van Grevenbroeck (1731-1807). Alternatively Grevenbroeck, Jan the Younger (fl. 17th cent.) / Public domain

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First draft of compare & contrast paper due (Tuesday, Nov 30 @ 11:55 pm)

  • November 30, 2021: Conference Time!

    We will not hold class on Thursday, December 2. Instead, you will meet me on Zoom (link to the left) for a 20-minute conference. Please go here to sign up for a slot.

  • Tuesday, September 23, 2021

    ***Ad presentations for the next three class sessions***

    Quiz #2

    Today’s Terms:

    Authorizing tropes: history, logic, nature, science, statistics

    inductive & deductive arguments

    accommodation vs. assertion

    Today’s ads:

    assertive argument
    argument from science
    slippery slope
    accommodating argument

    Ad presentation assigned: Sign-up sheet here.

    Presentation dates: 9/30-10/7 (three class periods)

    Directions: Find a partner and exchange contact information. Choose an internet advertisement together and send a link to Plan a 15-minute presentation in which the two of you discuss the following:

    1. Overt vs. implied vs. covert theses
    2. Overall rhetorical strategy (e.g. assertive vs. accommodating?)
    3. Visual vs. written rhetoric
    4. Loaded words
    5. Target audience

    You’re going to want to argue inductively: work from smaller details like loaded words to larger, overarching claims like author/thesis/target audience.

    Be sure to support all of your claims with evidence from the text!

  • Thursday, September 23, 2021

    We’ll start the class with Terms Quiz 1.

    Then, we’ll look at these ads.

    Can you find a covert thesis?
    A little hard talk from the U.K.

    Today’s terms:

    ad baculum


    begging the question

    buzz word


    existential import


    hot button

    buzz word




    Rogerian argument

    slippery slope


  • Tuesday, September 14 and Thursday, September 16, 2021: Deconstructing the Self

    Discussion Packet

    Homework: Take a bias quiz at Harvard’s Project Implicit. Take another at Political Compass and bring your plotted dot to class.

    Ever wondered what the two major American political parties are all about? Here’s a handy infographic.

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